Multiplayer Mode is an upcoming and primary gamemode in Sinister Turmoil.

It is unknown when it will be released.It will likely be available in the full game and/or possibly Demo

Mechanics Edit

Not much is known about it's mechanics.

Animatronics will have the following:


-Weight (likely determines how slow the animatronic will be)


-Power (it is unknown what this will do)

-Abillity (it is unkown what this will do.Most likely is that the animatronics will have special abillity(es))

There will also be Variants,which are likely different variants of an animatronic (player will be able to choose between normal,nightmare and etc.)

Customization will also be a mechanic in multiplayer.It will allow the player to customize animatronics's Eyes,Teeth and more.

Animatronics Edit

These animatronics are only ones available in multiplayer:





Sinister Funtime Freddy

Phantom Foxy

Candy the Cat

Sinister RAT

Ignited Freddy

Ignited Chica