Prototype Bonnie is one of the antagonists in Sinister Turmoil.


Prototype Bonnie is a bipedal animatronic rabbit.

Their main color is a light blue that takes up a considerable amount of the body, which is then broken by the inner patches and snout being colored a solid white.

They possess red cheeks on both sides of the face and a red bow tie being sported right below the neck.

Prototype Bonnie is a modification to a base Toy Bonnie shell with replaced endoskeleton salvaged from the Fazbear's Fright Incident.

However, the suit has been modified to possess neon green eyes, sharp tipped fingers and increased speed on jaw movements to make the sharp teeth far more than a menacing exterior.


  • Many people mistook the names of these characters as "Nightmare Toys" or "Sinister Toys" even after the name was confirmed.
  • They appear on the cover of "Sinister Aspiration".



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