Prototype Foxy is one of the antagonists in Sinister Turmoil.


Prototype Foxy is a bipedal animatronic Fox with sharp teeth, claws and glowing blue eyes.

It's main color is White, while the only deviations are in it's pink nose, pink cheeks, and pink tail fuzz, and other pink areas.

Prototype Foxy has an outer shell in the style of Toy Foxy/Mangle.

This is due to Foxy being made from Mangle's shell recovered from the Fazbear's Fright Incident. However, this model uses a completely unique endoskeleton structure, causing the movements to be more free and sharp. There are also more hooks then normal on Prototype Foxy.


Prototype Foxy's shell was more damaged than the other prototype animatronics, this made the endoskeleton's base energy output too much to handle.

This can make it more unpredictable than it's fellow Prototype Animatronics, yet more prone to fall for simple ruses.

It can go out of his shell and turn into it's mangled states, even though it is a toy, not a withered.


  • Foxy and it's fellow Prototype Animatronics have been wrongly called "Nightmare Toys" and "Sinister Toys", even after the name was confirmed.
  • It appears on the cover of "Sinister Aspiration".


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