In this page you'll find ever person that has a rank on this wiki

NOTE:Don't beg to get a rank,it won't happen m8

Admins and The Founder

Admins are the 2nd highest rank an user can get (not counting the "Founder" rank).This wiki currently has 2 Admins

User Status Rank
TheSparky556 Semi-active Founder of this Wikia
Scientedfic Semi-active Admin
PalomonsF Inactive Admin

Content Mods

Content Mod is a rank that is similar to the Rollback in a way that they have acess to the "Rollback Tool".Other functions they have are:Deleting and undeleting pages, page histories, and uploaded files,and Locking/Protecting the pages

User Status Rank
Scopica Semi-active Content Mod
Amir999990 Active Content Mod


Color keys based on a staff's activity

  • Active :The user is active almost every day
  • Semi-Active :The user is active on random ocasions
  • Inactive :The user isn't active for a long time