This page is for content that was originally intended to be in the game; however, they never made the cut.

Original Sinister Turmoil Edit

Originally, Sinister Turmoil was going to have a completely different story.

However the entire original story had to be scrapped due to the final outcome not being great, and all environmental files for that previous story being lost.

Fazbear And Friends

The original teaser of Fazbear and Friends.

The original story was meant to take place in a location known as "Fazbear and Friends", 29 Years After its shutdown.

The entire floor plan was meant to be the main floors, the animatronic factory underneath the facility, and the back areas.

While the new story does take a few parts from the original story, like the main character and animatronics, most of that previous story was left behind.

There will soon be a full page about this abandoned story...